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Cruelty Free Products To Help Fight Eczema

This blog post is updated regularly as I find new products that work great for eczema 🙂

I’ve suffered with eczema and sensitive skin issues my whole life and definitely struggle more with it during the winter months. I have been trying to replace all of my trusted everyday products with cruelty free ones, with varying degrees of success. After a few adverse reactions and experiments along the way, I think I’ve finally found a great selection of products that manage to keep my eczema in control without giving me a rash.

So if you’re a sensitive soul like me, maybe these products can work wonders for you too!

Lush Dream Cream

I used to actively avoid going into Lush purely because of the insanely strong smell that the stores emit when you walk past. None of those products would be any good for someone with sensitive skin, surely? Boy, how WRONG I was! After a handful of people suggested Dream Cream to me I decided to give it a go and without being dramatic, it has changed my life! It’s light, refreshing, cooling on sore bits and when used regularly it keeps my skin in amazing condition (in between eczema flare ups, of course), fixing any pesky red patches that appear pretty quickly. It’s by no means the cheapest moisturiser on the market at £16 per 240g but it is SO worth it to have a product that really works. I’m not surprised this is their best selling product, so I really hope they never stop making it! I now recommend this to anyone who is willing to listen.

Cruelty Free Products For Eczema - Lush Ultrabalm

Lush Ultrabalm

If you’re anything like me, you daren’t leave the house without at least two lip balms (in case you lose one, duh). Luckily for us, the legends at Lush have created Ultrabalm which is made from nothing but plant waxes. It’s the perfect replacement for your Vaseline tin. It is more expensive at around £13, but the pot is considerably bigger and you only need a tiny bit to make a big difference, so ultimately doesn’t end up costing more in the long run.

Cruelty Free Products For Eczema - Trichology

Superdrug Trichology Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic

A dry, itchy scalp is an absolute nightmare but our friends at Superdrug have created the perfect treatment. Using the Trichology shampoo, conditioner and tonic together on a regular basis really makes a big difference. The tonic is also great to use on those stubborn dry patches in between washes. A little bit goes a long way, so there’s no need to worry about greasy locks! You often find that dandruff treatments can be really potent but these products don’t have a bad smell at all.

Cruelty Free Products For Eczema - Vitamin E Skincare

Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare Range

Honestly, what would we do without Superdrug? Finding a decent everyday moisturiser has been the hardest task over the last year but thanks to a recommendation from a friend (you da best, Courntey) I decided to try the Vitamin E range. First of all, every product smells amazing and most importantly, leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturised. Pictured is the ‘intense’ body cream which is great for those really dry bits that won’t budge. Other faves in the range are the SPF15 Moisturising Day Cream (it gives you such a nice glow as an extra bonus) and the Eye Cream. Whilst we’re on the subject, Superdrug’s own brand Aqueous cream is also a great basic moisturiser.

Cruelty Free Products For Eczema - Superdrug Hand Cream

Superdrug Intensive Moisture Hand Cream

“Jeez Claire, why don’t you just marry Superdrug already” I hear you cry.  Their products are just so good, what can I say! My hands have been really suffering over the last few weeks but this stuff makes them feel instantly smoother and brings relief from the dreaded itch. Plus, it’s the perfect size to keep in your bag at all times just in case.

Cruelty Free Products For Eczema - Dr Organic Argan Oil Face Wash

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Face Wash

This Dr Organic face wash has honestly blown my mind. Most face washes react awfully with my skin and for years I gave up trying to find one I could use. This stuff is amazing – even when I’m having a bad flare up and my face feels sore, using this face wash doesn’t sting AT ALL. It leaves my face feeling so soft and refreshed every time, giving a genuine glow. A little bit goes a long way so the tube lasts for absolutely ages too. I cannot recommend it enough!

Ethique Bliss Bar Cleanser*

I’ve been really loving this Ethique cleanser recently. It’s really gentle and a tiny bit makes a big difference. My face is definitely visibly brighter after use and it also gives you that lovely fresh and smooth feeling, without making your face even drier than it was before. As well as being cruelty free, Ethique are also a zero waste brand, so you can enjoy great skincare guilt free!

Sukin Skincare

Sukin Skincare Range*

Sukin are an Australian natural skincare brand that I have totally fallen in love with over the past year or so. They have products for all skin types, including us dry / sensitive folk! The pictured products are ones I have been using most and they’re great, but definitely check out their website for the whole range. The facial masque and blemish gel are stand our favourites. Even with the driest skin ever I still get the odd painful spot and the gel takes away the pain and redness so fast! The masque feels like such a luxurious treat and really helps when nothing else seems to hydrate my face. The sensitive range is lovely too, the night cream in particular feels super cooling and isn’t too thick. We all hate that dreaded heat rash from thick creams don’t we!

Balmonds hand cream tube next to hand with cream on in a heart shape

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

Balmonds is a natural skincare brand intent on helping even the most sensitive of skin types. Not all of their products are vegan (some contain beeswax) but the hand cream is! It’s made with 99% natural ingredients and most importantly is unscented, hooray. This stuff has really calmed down the redness & itchiness of my hands, especially during pandemic-hand-washing times.

BYBI Strawberry Booster box and pipette

BYBI Beauty Strawberry Booster

Did you know that strawberries can be good for you on the outside as well as inside? I did not until recently! This BYBI 100% Cold Pressed Strawberry Seed Oil is seriously great. I drop just one or two drops of the oil into my moisturiser and my face stays hydrated and looks brighter for longer. The pot looks small but you really don’t need to use much at all so it lasts ages! I bought three of them when it was on offer because I know this will be a stable in my skincare routine for a long time to come. Plus, as well as being CF/vegan and 100% natural, this brand are super climate conscious.

I hope this post can help out any fellow sufferers out there. I’m always on the look out for other cruelty free products to try, so let me know below if you think I’ve missed any good ones out! 🌱💚

*These products were gifted to me by Ethique and Sukin. This is in no way a paid post and the opinions expressed are completely genuine. I would never recommend a product or service I didn’t truly enjoy.