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Starbucks iced lattes
Starbucks iced lattes
My Favourite Dairy Free Milks – Starbucks iced lattes

“Are you sure about going vegan? It seems very restrictive” they said. And yet, walk into any supermarket today and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of dairy free alternatives on the shelves. There’s even loads of choice in most coffee shops now too.

One of the best things about the amazing amount of choice available is that it means there’s an alternative perfect for every situation. Why use just one when you can enjoy them all?! Below are my four favourites.

Great for: porridge, cereal & tea

I feel like Soya gets a bad rep a lot of the time but I’ve never had an issue with it. This was the first dairy free milk I tried so it’s one I come back to all the time. I have found that supermarket own brand versions are much nicer than the likes of Alpro, which can leave a strange aftertaste, and they also seem to work way better in tea. The cheaper versions don’t curdle at all unlike some others. It’s perfect when you fancy a cuppa and a biscuit (or 10).

My Favourite Milk Substitutes - Tea & biscuits
My Favourite Dairy Free Milks – Tea & biscuits

Great for: porridge & hot chocolate

If I had to choose an outright favourite, it would probably be this. More specifically, Oatly. This stuff is seriously delicious! It goes perfectly with porridge (probably because it’s made from the same thing) but the very best thing to do is buy the chocolate version and warm it up for 60 seconds. Voila – there you have the most yummy hot chocolate ever! If I feel like treating myself I’ll buy some veggie marshmallows from Holland & Barrett for some extra indulgence. Mmmm.

Oatly hot chocolate
My Favourite Dairy Free Milks – Oatly hot chocolate

Great for: porridge & coffee

If you’re looking for a milk that basically tastes like a liquid Bounty, coconut is what you need! It’s super tasty but for me a little bit sickly to use all the time. It’s great for a treat though. It tastes amazing with coffee and certainly makes porridge more interesting.

porridge & coffee
My Favourite Dairy Free Milks – porridge & coffee

Great for: pretty much everything

I know that almond milk is a very popular dairy free choice but I personally prefer cashew! When I first saw it I had my reservations about how it would taste but it’s actually surprisingly creamy and seems to be really good for most things. It’s certainly a great all-rounder but I’ve only ever seen the Alpro version which can be quite expensive, so I only tend to buy it when it’s on offer (hello cheapskate)!

Alpro coconut & cashew milk cartons
My Favourite Dairy Free Milks – Alpro coconut & cashew

Hopefully this post has provided a little dairy free inspiration. Next time you go to grab some milk, why not try one of these delicious alternatives instead? The cows will love you for it. Promise. 🐮🌱

I’d love to hear what your favourite dairy free milks are. Let me know below! 🙂