Don’t Step On My Vegan Suede Shoes | Lifestyle


{AD* 💚}

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have been trying to become more ethical with my fashion choices – spending more time in charity shops and on Depop rather than buying into fast fashion (something that has a hugely negative impact of the environment). Another side of this of course is trying to find cruelty free versions of the items I used to love. When I started really looking into what certain items were made from, it was so shocking to me how many animals products are used. Maybe I have been living an ignorant life, but it was just not something that crossed my mind whilst growing up. Leather shoes and handbags are so commonplace on our high streets that I just became numb to what those things were really made from.

A few years ago I bought myself a pair of vegan Dr Martens which I love so much, but one thing I have found extremely hard to find is vegan suede. Almost all of my favourite shoes in the past have been made with the stuff, so trying to find vegan friendly replacements has been frustrating.

Luckily for us, there are some wonderful companies out there providing the goods. When ALIVE Boutique* (short for A Little Vegan Boutique) approached me about their online vegan fashion website I was so excited to receive a pair of black vegan suede boots from their store.

ALIVE Boutique brings together high-quality, stylish vegan accessories into one convenient online shop. They partner with some of the most unique and exciting vegan fashion brands out there to make it accessible for people who are looking to make more ethical choices.

I’m the type of girl who falls in love with a pair of shoes and ends up wearing them with literally every outfit for months, which these black ‘suede’ boots are ideal for. They really help to add a stylish touch to a classic jeans and jacket combo, which is good because that is what I practically I live in, The material itself feels so soft and really great quality and most importantly looks exactly like regular suede. There is no way anyone would be able to tell they weren’t! Another great thing about these being faux suede is that they felt instantly comfortable. No need to wear these babies in, I’ve been enjoying them since I first opened the box with zero pain to my feet, big yay.


This particular pair of shoes even came with a protective bag to keep the shoes in which I love. Such a small but thoughtful idea that makes such a difference when you receive a product.

Of course when you compare the price of the accessories on ALIVE Boutique to your favourite fast fashion store it may seem a little more expensive, but personally I would rather save up my money and buy a couple of ethically sourced, vegan products that will last years rather than buy something cheap that only lasts a few months. It not only helps the environment but more than likely saves money in the long run too! Treating  yourself to a new bag or pair of shoes has never felt so good. When my current backpack wears out I know where I’ll be looking first.

Check out ALIVE Boutique here to have browse for yourself & use the code CLAIREY15 for discount!  Happy shopping.


*Disclaimer: This post was a paid advertisement for ALIVE Boutique but as always, all words and opinions are my own. I will only ever work with companies I really like and think you will too! I would never recommend a product I wouldn’t use myself.