Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza | Travel

Ibiza Sunset
Ibiza Sunset
Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza – Sunset

As the rain continues to fall on the first miserable day in England in months, I already feel the need to jump on a plane to someplace sunnier. This time last year my friend and I took a trip to Ibiza in search of sun, sand and cocktails. We found all of these things – as well as some delicious vegan food!

We stayed in San Antonio and there were so many cute cafes lined along the beach front and marina. It was the ideal place to enjoy some food whilst looking out into the sea and people watching (I loove people watching!). One of the first meals I enjoyed there was just a simple but delicious pasta and tomato dish, with a ridiculously strong drink on the side. I’m convinced no other countries have spirit measurements.

Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Pasta
Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza – Pasta

One night we headed to the Ibiza Rocks Diner and I was really impressed to see a vegan burger on the menu! Even to this day it remains one of the tastiest vegan burgers I’ve tried. A must if you’re in the area.

Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Ibiza Rocks Diner  Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Ibiza Rocks Diner

Exploring the island’s bars and clubs by night, we spent most of our days chilling around the pool and trying not to let the hangovers defeat us. The vegan food choices at our hotel weren’t great – breakfast was mainly bread rolls and fruit, whilst bar snacks were chips and beans. Luckily, we were pretty central and there was a Subway just around the corner. The veggie delight never fails, and I was surprised to see avocado as an option here – I’ve never seen that before! Also, why do Lays taste so much better than Walkers?!

Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Subway
Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza – Subway

As we all know, breakfast is the best (and most important) meal of the day and on a holiday where rather a lot of drinking is involved, it’s important to find some good places to eat! There seemed to be quite a few restaurants with some great options – one called Bondi Ibiza we stopped at had even had oat milk and Linda McCartney sausages.

Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Bondi Ibiza Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza

On our last night we took a walk to the famous Cafe Mambo to watch the sunset, which was incredible. The atmosphere is so relaxed but also buzzing at the same time – the ideal place to end a holiday. Cafe Mambo itself was obviously super busy but there was a restaurant right next door called Fresh Ibiza, boasting the most amazing view across the water. I enjoyed this delicious spicy veggie curry (and another strong cocktail, obvs).

Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Fresh Ibiza
Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza – Fresh Ibiza

Overall it was such a fun holiday and I’d definitely want to go back again, perhaps to explore more of the island too. Being at the centre of the party capital was such a brilliant experience but part of me feels like I’m getting too old to drink this much anymore, sob.

Now, if it could stop pouring with rain in the UK now, that would be fantastic…

Sunshine & Vegan Food In Ibiza - Ibiza Rock Hotel San Antonio - Ibiza

30 Hours In Hamburg | Travel

30 Hours in Hamburg
30 Hours in Hamburg
30 Hours in Hamburg

So, what do you do when when of your favourite bands go on tour but you can’t make any of the UK dates? You look further afield, of course!

That’s exactly what me and my friend Sadie did in April – we hopped on a plane to Hamburg for the weekend to go and see Fall Out Boy. We arrived early afternoon on Saturday and left Sunday afternoon, giving us little more than 30 hours to make the most of our time in this pretty German city. Luckily for us, the weather was absolutely amazing so we could enjoy exploring in the sunshine.

Hamburg Town HallHamburg Town Hall

Naturally, our first port of call was finding some food. After taking some touristy photos outside the city’s impressive town hall, we headed to Vincent Vegan – a 100% vegan burger place situated in the shopping centre food court. Although reading the menu was slightly problematic as it was all in German (who’d have thought?!) the burger and chips were soo delicious. My only regret was that I unintentionally ordered a water with basil leaves in it, which tasted like liquid pesto. Bizzare!

Vincent Vegan Hamburg
30 Hours in Hamburg – Vincent Vegan

Needing a walk after all that food, we headed to Hamburg’s Planten un Blomen – a beautiful park with a lake and botanical gardens. It was surprising to find a peaceful area in such a bustling city. Just round the corner from the botanical gardens was a seating area and a few bars with the most chilled atmosphere. It would have been rude not to take advantage of the situation and enjoy a totally over-the-top cocktail in the sunshine.

Hamburg Botanical GardenHamburg Cocktails

After retreating to our hotel (IntercityHotel Hamburg) for an hour or so for a power nap, we headed down to the Mehr! Theatre for Fall Out Boy. Considering the band headlined the O2 Arena back in London, it was pretty mind blowing to be able to watch them perform in a rather intimate 3,500 capacity venue. Their set was a great mix of bangers from MANIA as well as some old school classics like ‘Grand Theft Autumn (Where Is Your Boy)’. It was such a fun night – this band never disappoint live. Above all else it reaffirmed my love for Pete Wentz, no matter how long his hair gets.

Hotel buffet breakfasts can be a disappointing place for vegans, especially when they’re continental. IntercityHotel provided clearly labelled soya milk so I could enjoy some oats, fruit and bread rolls to fuel day two of our mini adventure. Aptly, our morning consisted of a visit to Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland – the world’s largest model railway and miniature exhibition. Admittedly, I had my reservations when a friend told me I must visit but I soon understood why. It was brilliant! The amount of hours it must have taken to create such hugely intricate models is incredible. My personal favourite areas were Las Vegas and a festival scene, complete with muddy toilets! This is definitely a place that has to be seen to be believed.

Hamburg Miniatur WunderlandHamburg Miniatur Wunderland

After all that excitement, we still had a little bit of time to walk through more of the city before we left. The architecture in the city is really stunning, round each corner you can find a different beautiful building to admire, as well as the huge amount of lakes and rivers (it is a port city after all). There’s a great balance of old and new structures standing side by side, making one of the most visually appealing cities I’ve ever visited. I also noticed how clean and tidy all the streets were.

Hamburg LakeHamburg buildings

We soon found ourselves in the art quarter , which I wish we’d had more time to explore. We did however find a vegan cafe called Nasch and enjoyed a wrap, raisin & hazelnut cookie and a refreshing lime juice. Unfortunately it was time to head to the airport after this, where we spent many hours waiting for our delayed flight. Eventually we made it made it home ready for work again Monday morning.

Nasch Cafe Hamburg
30 Hours in Hamburg – Nasch Cafe

It’s amazing how far you can go in just a weekend when you try! I’d definitely love to visit Hamburg again one day, there seems to be so much more to explore.


A Magical Weekend In Disneyland Paris | Travel

A Magical Weekend In Disneyland Paris – Outside the castle

My friend Amber and I were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in our favourite place recently – Disneyland Paris! We’ve been able to visit twice during the park’s 25th anniversary celebrations and this time was just as magical as the first. Even though we were only there for a few days we managed to do SO much, my feet have never ached that much before but it was so worth it!

We stayed in Hotel Cheyenne, a Disney hotel that’s Toy Story themed. It is honestly the cutest damn hotel I have ever stayed in, I loved it SO MUCH. Aside from being totally adorable, there was a Starbucks on site that offered soya, almond, oat AND coconut milks. How’s that for choice?! So ideal when you’ve been awake since 4am to catch the Eurostar.

coffee amb

In between riding Crush’s Coaster for the 15th time and swooning over Prince Naveen in the Parade, we managed to find some delicious vegan friendly food around the parks. The highlight was most definitely Agrabah Cafe’s buffet – there was SO much choice; from houmous, chickpeas, salads, bread and pasta to tasty vegetables. We filled up so much on this at lunchtime on our first day that we barely needed to eat again for the rest of the day! Most definitely worth the 35 euro price tag. We didn’t have time to visit the Rainforest Cafe in Disney Village this time round but from what I remember from our last visit, there were a couple of good vegan options on the menu there too.

agrabah.jpg  agrabah2

Another surprising find was a Coco themed restaurant in Frontierland (the name of which I cannot remember but it was opposite Thunder Mountain). They sold chips with Mexican beans and cheese on top, so I just ordered them without the cheese! They were so delicious and even came with a side salad to make you feel a little less guilty.

A lot of the food outlets around the parks offer chips, tomato pasta and salad baguettes. Not the most exciting options but they’re are perfect when you’re on the go all day and just need a pick me up in between your next ride or show.  There are also many carts selling popcorn and candy floss that make a yummy treat at any time! Speaking of sweet treats, we also scoured the souvenir shops to find all of the vegan friendly sweets to take home and found three different types of Goofy Bonbons, including cola-bottles! Most of the hard lollies are obviously vegan too but personally I am not much of a fan.

A Magical Weekend in Disneyland Paris – Goofy sweets

Even though we found quite a lot of good food choices, I’m really glad I packed a whole load of flapjacks and nakd bars to tide me over for the weekend, as sometimes we found ourselves quite far from anything vegan friendly and needed a quick pick me up.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that Disneyland isn’t the most vegan-friendly place in the world to visit but it certainly can be done with a little bit of forward planning! The staff in most places were also really accommodating and tried their best to provide us with vegan options. If you’re still not 100% sure, they actually have an allergy menu called Natama which is available in a lot of their food outlets if you ask. However, because the dishes are free from 16 different allergens it probably won’t be the most delicious meal you’ve ever had! But still, it’s brilliant to know the option exists. Fingers crossed their range of vegan options will continue to increase as time goes on.

Until next time, DLP. 💚🌱

A Long Weekend In Dublin | Travel

Wicklow Mountains
Wicklow Mountains
A Long Weekend In Dublin – Wicklow Mountains

During the last Bank Holiday in May I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Dublin, Ireland’s largest city.

I had visited once before but not as a vegan. In fact, this was my first time abroad since joining the V Gang. I was excited but nervous! Soon enough I realised there was no need to be though as before we even boarded the plane I found a delicious breakfast at Gatwick’s Grain Store Cafe & Bar. All I had to do was swap my eggs for more beans (because there’s no such thing as too many beans, right?)

Grain Store & Cafe breakfast
A Long Weekend In Dublin – Grain Store & Cafe breakfast

Being a city, there is obviously a huge number of chain restaurants and shops around Dublin city centre, making things much easier. I enjoyed a Nando’s (veggie burger, no mayo), Papa John’s (veggies, no cheese), pasta from Zizzi’s new vegan menu and more Tayto crisps than I can count.

Dublin - Nandos  Dublin - Nandos 2

Aside from the well-known chains however, I was pleasantly surprised by what I could find. Walking round the side streets we stumbled across Cornucopia, an adorable veggie cafe with a delicious and cheap vegan breakfast. I’d have loved to have eaten here more than once if we’d had the time.

Cornucopia breakfast
A Long Weekend In Dublin – Cornucopia breakfast

One thing that I did notice about breakfasts was that baked beans were not a thing. In England, if you go anywhere for a hot breakfast you’re bound to find beans but not in Dublin it seems! Our hotel had limited vegan options but I brought some soya cartons in the local Spar so I could have some tea and cereal, which made a huge a difference. Veggies and toast became my staple breakfast for the weekend.

Cooked breakfast
A Long Weekend In Dublin – Adapted hotel breakfast
Breakfast at Metro Cafe
A Long Weekend In Dublin – Metro Cafe breakfast

As the soya cartons demonstrate, if there’s one very important thing I’ve learnt in the past year it’s that preparation is key. One day we took a trip to the Wicklow Mountains which was incredible but I made sure I took my own snacks – Pringles, rice cakes and Nakd bars, the usual vegan life savers. The country pub we stopped at for lunch in the middle of nowhere was unsurprisingly not vegan friendly but they had chips and chips are great, especially after you’ve been walking all day.

Pringles at the Wicklow Mountains
A Long Weekend In Dublin – Pringles with a view

Arguably the most exciting thing I found whilst walking through the city streets was a sign for vegan donuts. Don’t worry, I had to do a double take too. Naturally, I had to go in and buy three – just to keep demand up y’know. I can confirm that they were INCREDIBLE. The Rolling Donut, I salute you. Oh how I wish we had these in England.

The Rolling Donut
A Long Weekend In Dublin – The Rolling Donut

Even long weekends go far too quickly for my liking and before I knew it it was time to leave one of my favourite cities. My first experience as a vegan abroad was an extremely successful one and it just made me love the place even more. I hope it’s not too long before I can visit again.

I love everything about this city; the food, the friendly people and the amazing views. I’m just still trying to decide whether it’s a good thing that whiskey and Guinness are vegan. My heart says yes but my head definitely says no.🌱