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Fast fashion wardrobe

A simple guide to achieving sustainable style & minimising your fast fashion consumption

Do you want to stop buying fast-fashion but aren’t sure how? It can seem like a big, scary task but it doesn’t have to be. Below are ten simple tips to help change habits, look at the industry differently and find a more sustainable way to consume fashion that works for you.

The most important thing to remember is that nobody is perfect and even the smallest change can have a huge impact. Switching to a more sustainable wardrobe is super fun and rewarding, so let’s get to it!

1. Get to know your local charity shops

Charity shops are first on the list because changing your purchasing habits is obviously one of the most impactful things you can do. I’ve become obsessed with them over the last few years – the excitement of not knowing what you’ll find, the delight of uncovering the perfect top in your size, the guilt-free joy of spending money that will not only support a good cause but also break the cycle of fast fashion, lessening the negative impact on the environment and garment workers.

Next time you’re in town, make a conscious effort to visit the charity shops first before diving into H&M. You might just find everything you were looking for at a fraction of the price!

2. Clear out your wardrobe

There’s nothing better than a good wardrobe clear out to help clear the mind (and bedroom). We’ve all been there – drawers bulging with clothes that we never wear but are keeping ‘just incase’. Enough is enough, it’s time to be brutally honest with yourself. Are you REALLY going to wear that neon pink tank top you bought in Ibiza again?

Once you start clearing out clothes you no longer want/need, I guarantee you’ll uncover some hidden gems you forgot you owned, which will now feel like a new purchase. You’ll realise you actually do have plenty of outfit choices, so there’s no need to starting panic buying on ASOS. Plus, all those clothes you’ve now sorted out can be taken to your new favourite charity shop!

3. Coat hanger challenge

This is one of my favourite ways to ensure I keep my wardrobe full of clothes I actually wear. I begin facing all my clothes hangers the same way. Once I’ve worn something, I put it back in with the hanger facing the opposite way. After about six months it’s then easy to see which clothes I’ve worn and which remain untouched. I then look through these and decide whether it’s time for another trip to the charity shop. This trick is also a great reminder that I really don’t need to buy more clothes unnecessarily.

4. Delete fast fashion apps

Whilst fashion apps like ASOS and boohoo are one click away on your phone, they are going to be hard to resist. If they’re gone, so is the temptation to browse. In the past I am guilty of opening ASOS out of pure boredom and then becoming sucked in, adding things to my basket that I didn’t even know existed 10 minutes before. I never once stopped to consider that maybe these purchases weren’t necessary if they weren’t even on my radar before I opened the app. I’m convinced they make the buying process so simple & fast for that exact reason. Don’t think! Just buy!

5. Unsubscribe to fast fashion emails

Similarly to the above point, if it’s out of sight then it should be out of mind and easier to resist. Fashion brands LOVE to send a barrage of emails with discounts, offers and big sparkly banners that try to convince you that you need a new outfit immediately. Spoiler alert: you don’t. Take back control, unsub from those emails!

6. Download second-hand apps

Now you’ve removed your fashion fashion apps, you can replace them with the likes of depop, vented & eBay. These places are great for finding specific items you’re looking for and usually at reasonable prices too.

7. Shop with sustainable brands

There will obviously be times when you need to buy something new, charity shops don’t always come up with the goods. I find it especially hard to find second-hand trousers or shoes that fit properly. Luckily there are loads of amazing sustainable fashion brands around now. Some of my favourites include Lucy & Yak, Organic Basics, TALA, Monkee Genes and People Tree. If it still seems like fast fashion in the only option, make sure you’re buying good quality, long lasting items.

8. Borrow don’t buy

Another great option is to avoid buying anything at all. Hire Street is a brilliant website where you can hire outfits. Simply choose one you like & how long you need it for, they send it to you and you send it back to them by the agreed date. It’s perfect for finding that special outfit for a one-off event such as a wedding or party. Plus, there’s less chance you’ll turn up in the same thing as someone else! Swapping clothes with your mates is also a great (and fun) way of finding a new outfit without spending a penny. They might even let you keep it if you’re lucky.

9. Watch The True Cost documentary

The True Cost is a documentary which explores the impact fashion has on people as well as the planet. It’s incredibly eye-opening (and super tough and upsetting at times) so I recommend it to everyone. It’s easy to ignore numbers and figures that get thrown around about the impact of fast fashion, but shocking to actually see exactly how it is damaging our world and negatively affecting millions of people. It really hammers home why the fashion industry needs drastic change & we all need to do our bit to consume less of it.

10. Follow sustainable instagrammers

Fill your feed with some amazing sustainable bloggers to inspire you & keep you motivated on your anti-fast fashion journey. evagoesthrifting, crueltyfreebecky, fash_rev, f.laura_and_fauna, & sustainably_vegan are a few of my favourites. Check out this list from The Good Trade for more!

I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration and helpful tips for ditching fast fashion.

Good luck & happy thrifting! x

Safety Razors – The Plastic Free Beauty Must Have | Beauty

Like many people, I am currently on a journey to reduce the amount of plastic I use and unnecessary waste I create. Aside from food packaging (which is still a total nightmare), I knew that most of my plastic use came from beauty products We’ve all heard of bamboo toothbrushes and shampoo bars by now but what about safety razors? I for one wasn’t really aware of their existence until I was browsing Bambaw‘s website and came across one.

In all honesty when I first saw a photo of its bare blades I did get serious Sweeney Todd vibes. I know after speaking with people recently that they feel the same and I totally get it – it looks pretty terrifying . However after reading some incredibly positive reviews I decided to order one for myself and it has quickly become my favourite plastic beauty replacement. Still don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Less accidents

I’m the type of person who would get into the shower to shave my legs and end up leaving the bathroom looking like a crime scene, sitting with my legs in the air for an hour to stop them bleeding. Being a girl is tough, huh? Part of me really wasn’t sure that a bare blade would be a great idea for someone so accident prone but guess what? I actually cut myself less now . In fact, since I started using it back in September I’ve only nipped myself a couple of times. Compared to enduring a bloodbath (literally) almost every time I shaved with a regular plastic razor, it’s turned out to be a godsend.

It doesn’t dry out your skin

We’ve all been there – shaving our legs for a big occasion only to be left with red, itchy and dry skin instead. Wonderful. The great thing about the safety razor is that because the blade is so sharp and precise, you only need to glide is across your skin very gently for it to work. This means less trauma for your skin and actually saves time because it cuts most the hairs first time.

Each blade lasts longer

When I purchased the safety razor I also bought a pack of 80 blades and after using it for a while now I think that they might last me until I’m grey and old. When using plastic razors I would go through one a week. They never lasted long at all and don’t even get me started on that ‘cushiony’ bit that is supposed to add comfort but actually just looked and like an old sponge after one use. Although you must be careful changing the blades on the safety razor, they last so much longer.

Less impact on the planet & your wallet

Let’s just say everyone goes through one plastic razor a week, that’s 52 per year and almost 3,000 over 50 years. Multiply that by how many people regularly shave and that is a mindbogglingly big number. But this one simple change could make such a big difference to the amount of plastic being thrown into our oceans and landfills. Yes it feels like a slightly extravagant purchase to begin with (I think my razor and blades came to around £25) but in the long run you are going to be saving some serious cash. Saving the planet and saving your bank balance? It’s a win win sitch, guys!

I tell as many people as possible about how much I love my safety razor because it’s such a simple swap that can make a big difference. My advice would be to practice on your ankle first to get used to the weight and feel of the razor before you head anywhere more ~sensitive~.

The safety razor has seriously improved my beauty regime and I hope it does the same to you too!

Don’t Step On My Vegan Suede Shoes | Lifestyle


{AD* 💚}

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I have been trying to become more ethical with my fashion choices – spending more time in charity shops and on Depop rather than buying into fast fashion (something that has a hugely negative impact of the environment). Another side of this of course is trying to find cruelty free versions of the items I used to love. When I started really looking into what certain items were made from, it was so shocking to me how many animals products are used. Maybe I have been living an ignorant life, but it was just not something that crossed my mind whilst growing up. Leather shoes and handbags are so commonplace on our high streets that I just became numb to what those things were really made from.

A few years ago I bought myself a pair of vegan Dr Martens which I love so much, but one thing I have found extremely hard to find is vegan suede. Almost all of my favourite shoes in the past have been made with the stuff, so trying to find vegan friendly replacements has been frustrating.

Luckily for us, there are some wonderful companies out there providing the goods. When ALIVE Boutique* (short for A Little Vegan Boutique) approached me about their online vegan fashion website I was so excited to receive a pair of black vegan suede boots from their store.

ALIVE Boutique brings together high-quality, stylish vegan accessories into one convenient online shop. They partner with some of the most unique and exciting vegan fashion brands out there to make it accessible for people who are looking to make more ethical choices.

I’m the type of girl who falls in love with a pair of shoes and ends up wearing them with literally every outfit for months, which these black ‘suede’ boots are ideal for. They really help to add a stylish touch to a classic jeans and jacket combo, which is good because that is what I practically I live in, The material itself feels so soft and really great quality and most importantly looks exactly like regular suede. There is no way anyone would be able to tell they weren’t! Another great thing about these being faux suede is that they felt instantly comfortable. No need to wear these babies in, I’ve been enjoying them since I first opened the box with zero pain to my feet, big yay.


This particular pair of shoes even came with a protective bag to keep the shoes in which I love. Such a small but thoughtful idea that makes such a difference when you receive a product.

Of course when you compare the price of the accessories on ALIVE Boutique to your favourite fast fashion store it may seem a little more expensive, but personally I would rather save up my money and buy a couple of ethically sourced, vegan products that will last years rather than buy something cheap that only lasts a few months. It not only helps the environment but more than likely saves money in the long run too! Treating  yourself to a new bag or pair of shoes has never felt so good. When my current backpack wears out I know where I’ll be looking first.

Check out ALIVE Boutique here to have browse for yourself & use the code CLAIREY15 for discount!  Happy shopping.


*Disclaimer: This post was a paid advertisement for ALIVE Boutique but as always, all words and opinions are my own. I will only ever work with companies I really like and think you will too! I would never recommend a product I wouldn’t use myself.

Saving Britain’s Bees | Lifestyle


Did you know: Bees contribute £650m to the UK economy and 1/3 of food is pollination dependant, including coffee, chocolate and many fruits and vegetables. You could say they were pretty damn important. Devastatingly however, 35 bee species are currently considered at risk of extinction in Britain.

Because of this, earlier in the summer I was kindly asked by Hozelock to join their #PlantAPot campaign to help save Britain’s bees by planting a pot of wild flowers in my garden. I wouldn’t say I was exactly green fingered but I bloody loved bit of Ground Force as a kid (remember that show?!) and was keen to get involved in such a great project!


Once my pack arrived I couldn’t wait to get going with it. After I’d filled up my pot with soil and placed the precious seeds just underneath the surface, I crossed my fingers and gave them some water. Then it was time for the waiting game. I waited. Watered them. Waited some more. And the a little bit more. Just when I felt like giving up and that my fleeting dream of becoming the next Charlie Dimmock was over before it began, I spotted it. A teeny weeny green stalk. Something was actually growing! I did it!

plant3-e1538325556640.jpg plant7-e1538325696194.jpg

After this little ray of hope I made sure to water them every single day. In fact I became sort of obsessed by it. As soon as I got home from work, I’d bypass my mum and my cat (oops) and go straight out to see how much progress had been made. It took a while, but suddenly they started to grow and as soon as they begun, they didn’t seem to stop. Up and up they went. In case you somehow didn’t notice, we had a preeetty hot summer this year, which I think was a great help in spurring them on.

p2 p

Soon enough, flowers started opening – with beautiful yellow and white daisies and poppies. As sad as it may sound, I actually felt ridiculously proud of myself for not giving up and persevering, then seeing it pay off. It was so lovely to know I was helping the environment in my own little way, watching bugs, bees and butterfies come and go each day.


Thank you Hozelock for letting me get involved in such an important project! This  has definitely inspired me to get more involved in creating an insect-friendly garden next year and beyond. 🌱💚


*This product was gifted to me by Hozelock. This is in no way a paid post and the opinions expressed are completely genuine. I would never recommend a product or service I didn’t truly enjoy.

Simple Ways To Live A Little Greener In 2018 | Lifestyle

Simple Ways To Live Greener In 2-18 - Chilly's Water Bottle

Simple Ways To Live Greener In 2-18 - Chilly's Water Bottle
Simple Ways To Live Greener In 2-18 – Chilly’s Water Bottle

Although we are only *checks* 19 days into January (is that all?!), it already feels like 2018 is the year the world is really sitting up and taking note of the environmental issues facing our planet. Whether it’s the influx of new vegan options in supermarkets or restaurants removing plastic straws from their establishments, everyone seems to be doing their part to help. But it’s not just big corporations and companies that can do their bit, all of us can make small changes to our every day lives that add up to make a big difference. Check out some really simple ways to live a little bit greener in 2018 below.

Reusable bottles / cups

Although takeaway coffee cups look like they should be recyclable, sadly a lot of them aren’t because of the way they’re made with a plastic film inside. Just in the UK we throw away 2.5 billion cups a year, which is absolutely insane. The temptation to buy an instagram-worthy coffee cup is understandable but there are so many brilliant reusable ones on the market now which look even cuter. A lot of places will give discount if you bring in your own cup too, bonus! Chilly’s bottles in particular are brilliant – they keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours! Genius. That saves having to buying any more bottled water in plastic bottles too.

Reusable bags

This is probably quite an obvious one but it’s still important to remember! Just like the cups, there are so many cute reusable bags, especially tote bags, around at the moment that there really is no need to keep picking up new plastic ones every time we go shopping. I personally use a backpack a lot of the time too, which makes carrying heavier items super easy.

Turn off lights and plugs

Another one that may seem obvious but it’s surprisingly easy to forget / become lazy about. I’ve started to make a more conscious effort to turn off lights in any room I’m not using and turn off any plugs that aren’t in use. It soon becomes second nature and you realise how many you used to leave on all the time for absolutely no reason. If everyone did this, it’d make a big difference!

Say no to plastic straws

Straws are made from single-use plastic and will never biodegrade, which means they are ending up in our oceans and causing huge amounts of damage. If you were one of the millions who watched Blue Planet 2 last year, you’ll be aware of its devastating effects so next time you’re out and about, make sure you ask the bartender to hold the straw. If you really can’t live without one, there’s loads of reusable options that you can buy to carry round with you now instead -including ones made from steel, paper and bamboo. Places like Wetherspoons have already started to give out paper straws instead, which is brilliant.


Buy an eco-friendly toothbrush

Swapping to an eco-friendly toothbrush made out of more sustainable materials is another great way to cut down on plastic. I own a Humble Brush which is made from bamboo and nylon 6. It’s been designed by dentists & is biodegradable, plus for every one sold a child in need receives a toothbrush or alternative oral care and education in areas around the world where the need is greatest. Amazing! Plus, they come in loads of great colours to match any bathroom.

Recycle more

“Okay, duh” I hear you cry, but I feel like it would be a sin to write a blog post about sustainability and not mention recycling! It’s so easy to throw things away without thinking of the outcome and I am certainly guilty of it myself, but all it takes it a few extra seconds of thought before you chuck your packaging in the nearest bin. If I find myself with some recyclable rubbish away from home, I try to keep it with me so I can put it in the recycling bin once I get home. There’s a really useful website recyclenow.com, which has loads of info to help you figure out what can and can’t be recycled.

Walk when you can

Do you really need to drive to the shops today? Could you walk instead? So many people use their cars for short journeys that can be pretty unnecessary, which all contribute even more to the huge carbon emissions problem that we have. Plus more often than not, a nice walk always makes you feel better.

Join a beach clean

If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, why not try your hand at a beach clean? There are organised groups all over the UK who go out collecting rubbish from our beaches. In fact, you don’t even need to find a group to get involved. Next time you’re at the seaside, take a bag and get litter picking! It can be surprising how much you can find in a short space of time.

Simple Ways To Live Greener In 2018 - Glastonbury's Green Fields
Simple Ways To Live Greener In 2018 – Glastonbury’s Green Fields

Cut down on your meat/dairy consumption

Okay, so you knew this one was coming! One of the very best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to a plant based diet or just cut down on meat and dairy as much as you can. Even just a few meat free days a week can make a huge difference (#MeatFreeMonday anyone?). Studies have shown that animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and it’s truly heartbreaking how devastating the effects can be on our environment. Luckily for us, vegan friendly food is becoming more and more accessible every day and there is an abundance of alternatives out there to enjoy.

Of course, there are loads of other ways to live more sustainably but if everyone did their little part, it would add up to make a huge difference!

Do you have any other tips on living greener? I’d love to hear them!🌱💚

One Year Vegan – Five Things I’ve Learnt | Lifestyle

One Year Vegan: Breakfast & The Telegraph

October 2017 marks exactly one year since I finished up all of the meat and dairy in my fridge/freezer and decided to go vegan. In all honesty, my main reason at the beginning was a selfish one – I’d heard and read so many things about how meat and dairy makes eczema worse and as someone who has suffered with it for 27 years, I decided enough was enough. It was only after starting my Instagram account, watching documentaries and doing more research that I realised there were so many, arguably more important reasons, to keep at it. I’ve always referred to myself as an ‘animal lover’ and never really thought about how hypocritical I was being whilst still supporting such cruel industries. Not just food wise either – it has completely changed my perspective on how I buy beauty products and clothes too. At times it’s been hard but I don’t regret my decision at all. In fact, it feels great to be doing my little bit to help the animals and our planet!

I’ve learnt a lot about the world and myself over the past year and below I’ve listed five things I wish someone had told me when I started this journey. Enjoy!

1) It’s okay to make mistakes

No matter what the internet tries to make you believe, nobody is always 100% perfect at this whole vegan thang. It’s so easy to slip up, especially at the start when you’re not into the swing of things, but it’s totally okay! It just makes you human. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve bought something thinking it was sfv only to realise later that it wasn’t. It doesn’t make you a bad person, we’re all out here just doing our best.

2) Google is your best friend

I’m sure my most googled term is “is….vegan?”. More often than not Google finds exactly what you need to know within one or two clicks. I have noticed that a few websites pop up regularly which are packed full of amazing info, including The Vegan Womble & Vegan Society. Even if you think you’re sure about something, a quick search can easily put your mind at rest.

3) Double checking ingredients is key

This is sort of connected to point 2) I suppose but I think it deserves its own number too! These days most packets put all of the main allergens in bold, which is really helpful for quickly spotting milk and eggs in things, however there can be pesky hidden ingredients that you may not be looking out for. Honey for one will most likely not be in bold, so keep an eye out for that. There’s also the issue of E numbers and vitamins. For months I was happily eating Veggie Percy Pigs before someone broke the news that E901 was in fact beeswax. Another one to look out for is Vitamin D3, found in a lot of cereals, which is made from lanolin. It’s a bloody minefield! But like I said above, you can only do your best and mistakes will happen but hey, it’s a learning curve.

V Burger
One Year Vegan: V Burger, Camden

4) Yes, you can live without cheese

If I had £1 for every time someone said to me “I could be vegan but I just CAN’T give up cheese” I’d have enough money to create my own dairy free range. To be honest, I know I’ve said similar things in the past and I am not going to pretend it was an easy transition to make for me. When I was trying to eat less meat a few years ago I would literally eat cheese with everything. I still sometimes get cravings for it now but luckily there’s a huge range of vegan cheeses available to help take the edge off. No, they don’t taste anywhere near the same as ‘normal’ cheese, but the key is to try and think of it as a different food altogether. Once you stop comparing things to the stuff you used to eat it becomes a lot easier. I still live in hope that someone, somewhere, will create a vegan cheese that tastes exactly like cheddar, but until then, Violife and Sainsbury’s freefrom range will have to do.

5) Vegan doesn’t equal healthy

There is still a common misconception that vegans can only eat salad and therefore must be healthy. My god, how wrong these people are! I’m actually sat with some chocolate whilst I write this. A vegan diet can be looked at the exact same was as any other; if you want to eat healthy foods you can but if you want to eat burgers, chips and nuggets every day you can do that too. I’m certain I eat more biscuits and treats now than I ever did before. It is in no way a restrictive lifestyle – the only thing you cut down on by going vegan is your carbon footprint. I do take a daily vegan multivitamin (and extra Vitamin D during winter) to ensure I get all the stuff I need but I think MOST people should be taking these anyway, no matter what they choose to eat.

So there we are! My hope is that this blog post may help anyone else thinking about going vegan and is feeling a little bit overwhelmed by it all. By even considering the change you’re doing an amazing thing, so keep going! 🌱💚

Is Glastonbury Festival The Easiest Place In The World To Be Vegan? | Lifestyle

: Rum slushie whilst waiting for Foo Fighters

: Rum slushie whilst waiting for Foo Fighters
Vegan Glastonbury: Rum slushie whilst waiting for Foo Fighters

Fellow vegans will know the familiar struggle of trying to find food whilst out and about, more often than not having to settle for a bowl of chips and a side salad whilst friends tuck in to huge burgers. When I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to Glastonbury Festival earlier this year, I was fully prepared to live off chips for five days but I have never been so wrong in my life. I’ve attended many festivals before becoming vegan and even as a meat eater there has never an inspiring choice of food. Glastonbury however, was the complete opposite.

vegan pizza
Vegan Glastonbury: Incredible vegan pizza

When I arrived at the festival, tired and weary as the sun rose on Wednesday morning, all I wanted to do was find some food (and maybe have a nap). Within half an hour of entering the site, I found a stall selling vegan pizzas. Needless to say I spent the next hour happily sat devouring it whilst waiting for my friends. As the weekend progressed, I began to realise I had never found it so easy to be vegan away from home than I had at this festival. Almost every food stall had at least one vegan option, or a vegetarian option that could easily be made vegan. The food was absolutely delicious – from Club Mexicana nachos, falafel and houmous pittas, Caribbean curries to noodles. It was vegan heaven! I really felt like needed another week there to be able to try it all.

Club Mexicana nachos
Vegan Glastonbury: Club Mexicana nachos

Houmous and falafal pitta
Vegan Glastonbury: Houmous and falafal pitta

As well as all of the incredible food, there were so many tents, posters and signs dotted around the festival site promoting a more eco-friendly way of life. Especially, of course, in the Green Fields. Half an hour in that place is enough to restore your faith in humanity and truly believe a more peaceful world is possible, for humans as well as animals. A sign that particularly stuck in my mind read: “Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon deforestation.” How utterly insane is that?

And the best part of all? Not once did I feel like an awkward customer asking for the vegan option. It was accepted as a completely normal option on so many menus, it made me feel hopeful that one day the rest of the world would be like this too. Who’d have thought that a field in the middle of Somerset would be the easiest place in the world to be vegan? Dear everyone else, you have a lot of catching up to do. 🌱⛺️

Green Fields Entrance
Vegan Glastonbury: Green Fields Entrance