About Me

British Summer Time Festival
Rum cocktails and live music – my happy place.

Hello, I’m Claire!

Nice to meet you. Seeing as you’re here, you may be wondering what made me switch to a vegan lifestyle. I ate meat and dairy for the first 25 years of my life without a second thought. I was brought up thinking it was ‘normal’ and just something we did. From a really young age I called myself an animal lover, subscribed to Animal Action Magazine (remember that?!) and obsessed over nature documentaries but not once did I make the connection between the animals I said were cute and what I was eating on my plate.

It was a mixture of things that made me think more carefully about what I was eating  – many people around me had already started transitioning and I found myself intrigued by their new lifestyle. I also read that meat and dairy are two of the biggest causes of eczema flare ups, something that I have suffered with my whole life. So you could say my reasons for trying veganism were selfish to begin with, but the more I learnt about the unimaginable cruelty of animal agriculture and it’s devastating effect on the environment it became clear that I didn’t want to contribute to that any longer and in October 2016, I decided to go vegan.

Was it difficult? Yes, at first it was because I had to change my eating habits of a lifetime. Did it get easier? Yes! There are a lot of misconceptions out there that a vegan diet is restrictive and this is one of the main reasons I have created this blog. I want people to see that it is in fact the complete opposite. By choosing to go vegan the only thing you are cutting out of your diet is animal cruelty and that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think? 🌱

Anything else?

In between eating and blogging about eating, you’ll probably find me travelling somewhere or attending festivals/gigs. I am quite well known for my incessant fangirling, especially when it involves guys in bands with really nice hair. Also a big fan of Disney, my cat and endless cups of tea.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay. 💚