Safety Razors – The Plastic Free Beauty Must Have | Beauty

Like many people, I am currently on a journey to reduce the amount of plastic I use and unnecessary waste I create. Aside from food packaging (which is still a total nightmare), I knew that most of my plastic use came from beauty products We’ve all heard of bamboo toothbrushes and shampoo bars by now but what about safety razors? I for one wasn’t really aware of their existence until I was browsing Bambaw‘s website and came across one.

In all honesty when I first saw a photo of its bare blades I did get serious Sweeney Todd vibes. I know after speaking with people recently that they feel the same and I totally get it – it looks pretty terrifying . However after reading some incredibly positive reviews I decided to order one for myself and it has quickly become my favourite plastic beauty replacement. Still don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Less accidents

I’m the type of person who would get into the shower to shave my legs and end up leaving the bathroom looking like a crime scene, sitting with my legs in the air for an hour to stop them bleeding. Being a girl is tough, huh? Part of me really wasn’t sure that a bare blade would be a great idea for someone so accident prone but guess what? I actually cut myself less now . In fact, since I started using it back in September I’ve only nipped myself a couple of times. Compared to enduring a bloodbath (literally) almost every time I shaved with a regular plastic razor, it’s turned out to be a godsend.

It doesn’t dry out your skin

We’ve all been there – shaving our legs for a big occasion only to be left with red, itchy and dry skin instead. Wonderful. The great thing about the safety razor is that because the blade is so sharp and precise, you only need to glide is across your skin very gently for it to work. This means less trauma for your skin and actually saves time because it cuts most the hairs first time.

Each blade lasts longer

When I purchased the safety razor I also bought a pack of 80 blades and after using it for a while now I think that they might last me until I’m grey and old. When using plastic razors I would go through one a week. They never lasted long at all and don’t even get me started on that ‘cushiony’ bit that is supposed to add comfort but actually just looked and like an old sponge after one use. Although you must be careful changing the blades on the safety razor, they last so much longer.

Less impact on the planet & your wallet

Let’s just say everyone goes through one plastic razor a week, that’s 52 per year and almost 3,000 over 50 years. Multiply that by how many people regularly shave and that is a mindbogglingly big number. But this one simple change could make such a big difference to the amount of plastic being thrown into our oceans and landfills. Yes it feels like a slightly extravagant purchase to begin with (I think my razor and blades came to around £25) but in the long run you are going to be saving some serious cash. Saving the planet and saving your bank balance? It’s a win win sitch, guys!

I tell as many people as possible about how much I love my safety razor because it’s such a simple swap that can make a big difference. My advice would be to practice on your ankle first to get used to the weight and feel of the razor before you head anywhere more ~sensitive~.

The safety razor has seriously improved my beauty regime and I hope it does the same to you too!

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