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Did you know: Bees contribute £650m to the UK economy and 1/3 of food is pollination dependant, including coffee, chocolate and many fruits and vegetables. You could say they were pretty damn important. Devastatingly however, 35 bee species are currently considered at risk of extinction in Britain.

Because of this, earlier in the summer I was kindly asked by Hozelock to join their #PlantAPot campaign to help save Britain’s bees by planting a pot of wild flowers in my garden. I wouldn’t say I was exactly green fingered but I bloody loved bit of Ground Force as a kid (remember that show?!) and was keen to get involved in such a great project!


Once my pack arrived I couldn’t wait to get going with it. After I’d filled up my pot with soil and placed the precious seeds just underneath the surface, I crossed my fingers and gave them some water. Then it was time for the waiting game. I waited. Watered them. Waited some more. And the a little bit more. Just when I felt like giving up and that my fleeting dream of becoming the next Charlie Dimmock was over before it began, I spotted it. A teeny weeny green stalk. Something was actually growing! I did it!

plant3-e1538325556640.jpg plant7-e1538325696194.jpg

After this little ray of hope I made sure to water them every single day. In fact I became sort of obsessed by it. As soon as I got home from work, I’d bypass my mum and my cat (oops) and go straight out to see how much progress had been made. It took a while, but suddenly they started to grow and as soon as they begun, they didn’t seem to stop. Up and up they went. In case you somehow didn’t notice, we had a preeetty hot summer this year, which I think was a great help in spurring them on.

p2 p

Soon enough, flowers started opening – with beautiful yellow and white daisies and poppies. As sad as it may sound, I actually felt ridiculously proud of myself for not giving up and persevering, then seeing it pay off. It was so lovely to know I was helping the environment in my own little way, watching bugs, bees and butterfies come and go each day.


Thank you Hozelock for letting me get involved in such an important project! This  has definitely inspired me to get more involved in creating an insect-friendly garden next year and beyond. 🌱💚


*This product was gifted to me by Hozelock. This is in no way a paid post and the opinions expressed are completely genuine. I would never recommend a product or service I didn’t truly enjoy.

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