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Noughty Haircare Review - To The Rescue / Care Taker
Noughty Haircare Review - To The Rescue / Care Taker
Noughty Haircare Range

I always find that the winter months can be particularly tough on hair, drying it out even more than usual. Lucky for me, the lovely people at Noughty Haircare* were on hand to rescue my locks just in time for party season! First of all, the products are vegan friendly, aren’t tested on animals and are 97% natural, which is already a massive thumbs up from me. They currently offer five different versions of hair care products tailored to particular hair types. Read on to find out what I thought of the To The Rescue and Care Taker shampoo & conditioners…

Noughty Haircare Review - The The Rescue
Noughty Haircare Review – To The Rescue

To The Rescue

The first thing I noticed about this product is how delicious the shampoo smells! The sweet almond makes for a lovely marzipan-like aroma and almost made me want to eat it. After leaving in the conditioner a few minutes & combing it through, it felt tamer even when still wet. It was so easy to comb after I’d used it, whereas I normally have to battle with so many nightmare knots. Once my hair had dried I could definitely see a difference in my hair’s appearance – it looked really shiny and felt super soft. It also got rid of alot of frizz/fly away hairs that I always seem to get, win win!

Noughty Haircare Review - Care Taker
Noughty Haircare Review – Care Taker

Care Taker

Anyone who has read my blog before will know I suffer from very sensitive skin so the Care Taker range sounded perfect for me! These products have a lovely refreshing smell that isn’t too strong at all – something I have to be careful of. They both felt great on my scalp and didn’t sting even though my skin has been sore recently. As with To The Rescue, the results were obvious almost instantly! My hair looked soft, hydrated and strong after one use. It also left me with really defined waves which I loved!


Overall I really love these products and would definitely consider purchasing them in the future.  I normally steer clear of any products that use pretty packaging because they usually contain all sorts of perfumes and nasties that irritate my skin but Noughty Haircare are providing the best of both worlds!

Noughty Haircare products can currently be found in Superdrug, Ocado and on their website. 🌱💚

*This product was gifted to me by Noughty Haircare. This is in no way a paid post and the opinions expressed are completely genuine. I would never recommend a product or service I didn’t truly enjoy. 

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