Is Glastonbury Festival The Easiest Place In The World To Be Vegan? | Lifestyle

: Rum slushie whilst waiting for Foo Fighters
: Rum slushie whilst waiting for Foo Fighters
Vegan Glastonbury: Rum slushie whilst waiting for Foo Fighters

Fellow vegans will know the familiar struggle of trying to find food whilst out and about, more often than not having to settle for a bowl of chips and a side salad whilst friends tuck in to huge burgers. When I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to Glastonbury Festival earlier this year, I was fully prepared to live off chips for five days but I have never been so wrong in my life. I’ve attended many festivals before becoming vegan and even as a meat eater there has never an inspiring choice of food. Glastonbury however, was the complete opposite.

vegan pizza
Vegan Glastonbury: Incredible vegan pizza

When I arrived at the festival, tired and weary as the sun rose on Wednesday morning, all I wanted to do was find some food (and maybe have a nap). Within half an hour of entering the site, I found a stall selling vegan pizzas. Needless to say I spent the next hour happily sat devouring it whilst waiting for my friends. As the weekend progressed, I began to realise I had never found it so easy to be vegan away from home than I had at this festival. Almost every food stall had at least one vegan option, or a vegetarian option that could easily be made vegan. The food was absolutely delicious – from Club Mexicana nachos, falafel and houmous pittas, Caribbean curries to noodles. It was vegan heaven! I really felt like needed another week there to be able to try it all.

Club Mexicana nachos
Vegan Glastonbury: Club Mexicana nachos
Houmous and falafal pitta
Vegan Glastonbury: Houmous and falafal pitta
As well as all of the incredible food, there were so many tents, posters and signs dotted around the festival site promoting a more eco-friendly way of life. Especially, of course, in the Green Fields. Half an hour in that place is enough to restore your faith in humanity and truly believe a more peaceful world is possible, for humans as well as animals. A sign that particularly stuck in my mind read: “Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon deforestation.” How utterly insane is that?

And the best part of all? Not once did I feel like an awkward customer asking for the vegan option. It was accepted as a completely normal option on so many menus, it made me feel hopeful that one day the rest of the world would be like this too. Who’d have thought that a field in the middle of Somerset would be the easiest place in the world to be vegan? Dear everyone else, you have a lot of catching up to do. 🌱⛺️

Green Fields Entrance
Vegan Glastonbury: Green Fields Entrance

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